Social Media / e-Marketing

Are your potential customers finding your website? Why your business need to investing search engine optimization:

• 95% of people do not look at the second page of results when searching on the internet.
• Small business can now compete with big business online.
• Can be more cost effective than phone books, print , radio and TV.
• You can better target specific demographics and geographic markets from any location.
• It’s the best return on marketing dollars spent.
• It’s a 24/7 marketing team
Your competitors are using it!

Take care of creating and maintaining communities around businesses, creating valuable content,conversation, encouraging people to participate, monitoring the web presence of brands, etc. Social media has changed communication between people, and between brands and people.

We will offer strategies to generate more visitors to your website through social media and / or e-marketing (e-mail marketing, SEO, SEM) according to your needs and budget. Because having a website is not enough.